Safety Kayaking

from £180.00

This course is designed for students who wish to gain a formal certification for Safety Kayaking. The course is accredited under the International Rafting Federation, an international organisation set up to ensure a minimum safety standard for Rafting and Safety Kayaking worldwide.

We will explore the fundamental skills and techniques required to make a dynamic, reliable and knowledgeable safety kayaker. Students will undergo a selection of skill based assessments during the workshop in order to receive the IRF certification. Certificates are valid for 3 years.

All about the Safety Kayaking

Essential experience
– 18 Years of age or above
– Be able to swim
– Perform a kayak roll in whitewater
– Paddle class 3+ confidently

– £180.00pp (Prices don’t include any equipment hire)
– On successful completion of your assessment a certification fee of $60 usd is payable.

Course Dates
– 6th – 7th Nov, 2017
– 19th – 20th Feb. 2018

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Course content – over 2 days

– Personal paddling ability
– Personal safety
– Personal & team equipment
– Communication
– Client care
– Safety Kayak Brief
– Swimmer Rescues
– Multiple swimmer events & containment techniques
– Managing an unconscious swimmer
– Swim test
– Throw bag test
– Rafting techniques and maneuvers
– Raft pins and retrieval techniques
– Tensioning systems & anchor considerations
– Raft flips and recovery techniques
– Incident management
– Scenarios